Testimony of Our Members

Jescille Canete

I’m Jescille Canete and it is a privilege to share my testimony of how I received Christ as my Saviour through BBCW.

I accepted the Lord Jesus as my personal Lord and Saviour in September 2012.  Before then, I thought I had a genuine relationship with the Lord – but something happened in my life that made me so angry.  I thought it was pointless to go to church because I could not forgive anyway, so I stopped talking to God and ignored Him for months and months.

I can’t be thankful enough that God called me back.  Without God, I was living my life with no purpose at all and I became very unhappy.   I went back to my old church but could not find Him there.  It just felt like a ritual every time, nothing is any different and that I was not learning about His word at all.  One time, Cynthia Sheridan, a dear friend and workmate, mentioned that she needed to go straight away after work because she had to go to Church.  I asked her where she goes and I decided to attend the church service with her one Sunday, and then two more Sundays in the next four months after that.

I did not understand then what it meant when Pastor Ariel said that the only way to be ‘saved’ and go to heaven is through Jesus, and not through our own good works (Eph 2:8-9).  After the message, I asked Sis Penny to explain salvation to me.   I got saved that afternoon on the 2nd of September.  Since then, there is nothing that I want more than to give my life to the Lord Jesus Christ and share this wonderful news with others!

Israel Dela Paz

My name is Israel Dela Paz, saved by the precious blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.
It was 28th November 2013 when a friend, Alan, asked me to be his backup photographer for a wedding in Upper Hutt.  It was a typical wedding, like others I have done so far.  My assignment was to take photos of the groom while he is dressing up and preparing for the ceremony.

I work night shifts at my permanent job.  Since I was in a hurry to get to the venue where the groom was billeted, I wasn't able to eat breakfast before leaving home.   At around 12 noon, my head started to hurt.   All I wanted to do was to go home.   But I decided to stay and finish my assignment, at least up until the church ceremony.   When we got to the church, my headache worsened.   One of the bridesmaids gave me a paracetamol.   I desperately wanted to go home so I can sleep and rest.   I was soooo hungry that time but I didn't want to disappoint Alan.

Everyone started to arrive, the wedding was about to start.  As a hired photographer, I kept on taking photos of the guests.  The Pastor began to preach.  All of a sudden, instead of shooting photos, I started to listen to the preaching and sat down on the table instead of the chair!  This lasted for about 15 minutes, just sitting and listening to the preaching instead of doing my job!  Alan noticed I was not doing my job - he waved his hand and whispered to me, "Dre!!! Mag shoot ka!" ("Mate!!! Take photos!").   Something happened to me that time, because of the love and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ, and my hunger for the Word of God.   The Word of God convicted me that day.   I will never forget the day that the Lord spoke to me through this pastor.  My headache suddenly disappeared! My desire to go home early was still there, just to tell my wife what happened to me.  After the ceremony, I asked the pastor if I can come and attend his church - it's like I'm begging him to let me attend the church and be fed by the truth - the Word of God!

The following Sunday, 1st of December, my family and I attended Baptist Bible Church of Wellington (BBCW) and invited Pastor Ariel to our house the next day to explain the Gospel to us.   Through His mercy and love, I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour on that day - 2nd December.   My situation didn't change - I still work at night, drive and pick my kids up from their schools, provide for my family.  I still have debts, but one thing has changed.  I am now a forgiven sinner and Jesus Christ is now the Lord of my life and whatever happens I know that nothing shall separate me from the love of Christ.